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Elemental Associations of the Suits

In the Tarot the four different suites relate to four different elements. The four different classical elements are represented as Fire (Wands), Water (Cups), Air (Swords) and Earth (Pentacles). Each of these different elements to carry with it certain characteristics for example fire maybe that elements of creativity Earth repenting material around is something about growth instability. The elements of air is associate with thinking thought processes into indication including conflict. The elements of water is associated with feelings and emotions affections and desires.

Fire (Wands):

The elements of fire is associated with motivation being career driven and somebody who is very creative and artistic.
Intuition, Spirit, action of the will, inspiration, creativity, energy initiative, goal directed activity.

Water (Cups):

The elements of water is associated with somebody he was has very personal relationships.
Feeling, the action of the emotions, love and affection, dreams, desires, fantasies, pleasure, friendship, social activity, romance, receptivity.

Air (Swords):

People who are associated with the Elemento air could be people with very sharp intelligence extremely logical and possibly having shop temperament and aggressiveness.
Thinking, thought, spoken and written communication, strife and conflict, expressions of the mind.

Earth (Pentacles):

People associate it with the element of Earth are you to people who have great financial success often is a very hard working business minded people.
Sensation, materiality, strength, endurance, growth, reliability; practicality, accumulation.
In Tarot decks derived from the tradition of the Golden Dawn – each card is signified by one specific element. Apart from the obvious elemental inference on the card itself, these elements also modify the significance and the meaning of a card dependent on the surrounding cards.
Generally, elements either strengthen or weaken each other:

  • Fire (Active) and Water (Active) weaken each other
  • Air (Passive) and Earth (Passive) weaken each other
  • All other combinations (Passive/Active) strengthen each other.

The Elemental Cards in pairs:
See below a list of how each element will act when influenced by another one.
These are sixteen combinations that you will have to memorize when they are the basic of the steps that will follow later.
While it might seem confusing in the beginning it will help to realize that the elements have distinctive characters to which they will stay true. After a while you just know them.
Fire and Fire intensify each other, be it for good or for worse. Action and energy get enhanced, but also destruction and oppression will be harsher. Every card is stronger when accompanied by a card of the same element.
Fire and Water is a hapless combination, they simply do not get along with each other. In some rare instances it could be that the Water provides an emotional base for the imbalanced Fire, but in 99% per cent the Fire simply gets weakened or even extinguished.
Fire gets quite good impulses from Air, adding an intellectual touch to its archaic energy. Both elements are active yet somewhat loose which could result in a loss of stability.
Fire acted upon by Earth will find fuel and stability the same time – provided the Earth is not too much. If the Earth card is too strong it can hamper the spirit of Fire with rather unwanted ballast, thus dragging it down.
Water getting the heat of Fire definitely is not happy, for the most part it just feels disturbed and hates the intruder. It can be, though, that the placid Water just needs a wake-up call to drag its behind out of dreamland, but it still won’t be delighted by the annoyance.
Water and Water go very well with each other, perhaps too well – when there is passivity all over and no incentive to move on at all. If all cards are good it can be a pleasant drowning in bliss, but with not so good cards it just means indolence.
Water and Air can make a wonderful couple if they are well balanced. Too much of the active, logical air, however, can result in some stormy turmoil. Water does not like all too much reasoning while Air quickly loses patience with too much sentimentalities.
Water influenced by Earth is usually very lucky when the stable Earth provides a secure foundation as well as a thankful receiver for the water’s fertility. Both elements are passive and are quite happy with not moving too much.
Fire is quite a beneficial companion for Air, giving power and passion to the active mind, fueling the intellectual flights with some real creative spark. Yet, even best buddies can become a drag at times – the Five of Swords empowered by a strong Fire isn’t exactly good news.
Air and Water can make a loving couple, with the Water adding some much needed emotion and compassion to the rational analytic. Of course, it always depends on the cards how benevolent the influence might be – Seven of Swords modified by the Eight of Cups… ouch.
Air and Air are of course one of a feather and harmonize perfectly, sharpening and increasing their intellectual reasoning and activity. However, the combination of Air and Air can lack a certain stability and/or practicability.
Earth is certainly the least welcomed influence by Air, even though at times it might provide some stability to the restless mind. Yet more often than not the combination is unfortunate since the bulky, passive Earth will simply drag the Air down and put it in restraints.
Fire provides an often needed spark of spirit and vitality to the Earth, act as an uplifting, active force and bring the Earth to movement and recreation. Fire can also burn the Earth down to the ground and yet this is what kept the Earth regenerating time and time again.
Water is a most beneficial modifier for Earth, providing the thick ground with fertility and moisture, adding emotion to the unmoved material. Too much water, however, can create a swamp.
Air could be another force to get the rigid Earth to move but unlike Fire it does not know how to make itself understood. Earth cannot wise up on the Air’s intellectual snide remarks and just never knows what this nervous thing wants. The Air is rendered irrelevant, the Earth remains in stupor.
Earth and Earth might be happy with each other, forming a big heap of clay and stone and sand, not moving, not acting. Solid, stubborn, unmovable. Practical and stable to the point of dullness.

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