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How to Draw the Qabalah Tree of Life

Drawing your own Tree of Life is a great way to become familiar with the location of the ten Sephiroth and the inter connecting paths between them. This Tree of Life is referred to as the Luria Tree of Life and is different from the Kircher Tree of Life that is most commonly used in Western Tradition. The Luria Tree is much older and is the standard model used in Jewish Kabalah.

What you will need:

  • A piece of paper or a large stiff card if you are making one for study and meditation
  • Pencils for drawing the construction lines 
  • A long ruler to draw the straight lines and to measure.
  • A set of geometric compasses to construct the circles.
  • An eraser to remove the construction lines
  • A marker pen to write the names and paths of the Tree of life.
  • Blue tack to stick the Tarot cards to the card. 

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Step 1 – Divide the Paper into Four Equal Parts.

  • Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and mark the center of the top and the center of the bottom of the page 
  • Draw a construction line between the two marked points.
  • Next, measure and mark the center of each side of the page and draw a construction line  between each point.

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Step 2 – Construct the Circles

  • Place the sharp point of the geometry compass on the center point of the vertical and horizontal lines. 
  • Draw a full 360’ circle
  • Next place the point of the geometry compass where the center circle crosses the vertical line. 
  • Using the same radius draw a full circle where the top of the circle touches the vertical line
  • Draw another circle where the lower part of the center circle touches the vertical line. 
  • Repeat for the same process to draw two additional circles (they do not need to be full circles as these are just construction lines).

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Step 3 – Draw the Ten Sephiroth

  • Using a smaller radius, draw a full circle on the places where the large construction line circles intersect the vertical lines. (Note: the circle below the top circle is not normally shown. This Sephiroth is called Da’arth)
  • Keeping that same smaller radius, draw circles where the larger construction circles intersect each other.

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Step 4 – Connect the Circles

  • Using a ruler, draw construction lines to connect the center points of the smaller circles.

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Step 5 – Draw the Paths

  • Using a ruler, draw the paths of the Tree of life. You will need to offset the lines a bit off the center lines that go from center point to center point.
  • You can erase the construction lines.

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Step 6 – Add Information to the Tree of Life

  • Using a marker pen, add the numbers and names of the 10 Sephiroth.
  • Add the Planetary signs (and names if you wish) to the Sephiroth.
  • Color the 10 Sephiroth
  • Add the Hebrew letters of the Tree of Life.

The Sephiroth:


Hebrew Hebrew Name Planet             


1 כתר Kether (Crown) White
2 חוכמה Chokmah (Wisdom) Grey
3 בינה Binah (Understanding) Saturn Black
4 חסד Chesed (Grace) Jupiter Blue
5 גבורה Gevurah (Severity) Mars Red
6 תפארת Tipareth (Beauty) Sun Yellow
7 נצח Netzach (Eternity) Venus Emerald Green
8 הוד Hod (Splendor) Mercury Orange
9 יסוד Yesod (Foundation) Moon Violet
10 מלכות Malkuth (Kingship) Earth Citrine, olive, russet, and black


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Step 7 – Tarot Cards

– Attach the mini tarot cards to the respective paths using Blue tack.

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