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Kings in the Court Cards

 King of Wands  King of Cups King of Swords  King of Pentacles

Kings are considered to dominant and possessing masculine energy. They are able to accomplish their goals and are generally firm and unwavering. Kings can have the aspect of negative masculine energy which includes stubbornness and harshness.
A king is a powerful ruler who exercises absolute authority over the territory he rules. The King of any suit represents a completion point: There’s no higher position to attain.
A King is mature and masculine. He demonstrates authority, leadership, discipline, control and mastery in the areas associated with the suit they are connected to. Kings are strong-willed, assertive and direct and will take action to get the results he wants.
A cycle that began with the Ace has been completed with the King.
The level of the King is where you release and let go, complete old tasks, and prepare for a new and more fulfilling way of life. An example of this could be a man who is a highly placed corporate executive, who’s reached the pinnacle of success in his field and made a lot of money, and who now decides that it’s time to give back to the world.
King (man in his maturity): 
King of Wands: A man secure in business or profession. Strong and generous, can be impulsive.
King of Cups: A reliable respected man from any walk of life. He is trustworthy and can help you.
King of Swords: This man has authority. He could be a bureaucrat or associated with the administration of law. He gives excellent counsel.
King of Pentacles: Good position in industry; this man is competent in mathematical procedures, a generous soul who is friendly and affectionate.

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