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Knights in the Court Cards


Knight of Wands

Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Pentacles

Knights represent the aspect of energy and motivation. Knights are more experienced that the Pages and are required to follow a stricter code of ethics. Knights are often out of the Kingdom on conquests. On the downside, Knights are often hasty and foolish.
A Knight is someone who has been singled out and honored by the ruler for having performed valuable services. A Knight takes on responsibility to the Crown he serves. At the level of the Knight, you are fully aware of your path, and your aims are clear. You want to get on with it in the most direct way possible, not waste time on irrelevancies. You feel an intense sense of dedication—to a project, an idea, a person. You’ve taken risks and gotten yourself together for the task at hand, and you are focusing your energies totally toward accomplishing your goal, to make the risk worthwhile. The Knight, who is often considered a messenger or an “agent of movement, can refer to a woman as well as to a man. The message the Knight carries or the movement he suggests corresponds to the suit to which the card belongs. The Knight of Wands, for instance, might indicate a message about a creative project or a trip taken for fun and adventure.
A Knight is a young immature person in their teens or twenties of either gender. He is prone to excess because he has not learned to put some balance into his life and moves frantically from one extreme to the other, wild with excitement, trying to find his way in life. But we tolerate the Knights because they are sincere and eager. Knights can be many things, (go back to our knights of old, one minute they are in a raging battle and the next they are rescuing fair maidens or searching for the Holy Grail). Basically, Knights in a reading can represent people or the personality of the person represented by the suit, but it can also correspond to action or motion.
Knight (a young man): 
Knight of Wands: Young man can create vibrations that will call for sudden decisions or a change in life.
Knight of Cups: Young man can offer interesting invitations or proposals.
Knight of Swords: Courteous young man, good intentions but he can be overbearing.
Knight of Pentacles: This young man is thorough and will take the time to do a good job.

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