Life is all about choices. Sometimes it’s really difficult to make those choices on our own. If you found yourself worried too much about your options or you just curious about the potential, this reading will be for you.

All throughout history, choosing between two options was resolved by using Divination when all other possible logical and rational options were exhausted. If there was no logical solution, Divination was used.

In this TAROT reading, we will look at the current situation and explore two possibilities or potential outcomes. This will give you a better ‘bird’s eye view’ of the potentials so you an be empowered to make your own decision.


Not everyone knows their true unstoppable true purpose. To know why you are on this Earth is one of the hardest questions we can ask ourselves.

Most of the time we can feel like we are just unwilling parts in a heartless machine, or are only living this life to comply with the wishes of others. Very few people have a very strong, unshakable self awareness of what they want to be in this life.

This true purpose TAROT reading can show you clarity and insight (inner sight) about what your true purpose in this life could be. This reading, like sign posts on the road, can only show you the way, but you have to make that journey yourself.


Everyone has a Shadow aspect of their self. The Shadow is a massive archetypal force that if not acknowledged, can exert incredible (mostly) destructive influence on in your life. It usually manifests in the parts of your life that are a disaster.

Carl Jung (the originator of this idea) said that if you don’t bring your Shadow out into the light, it will control you from the darkness.

This TAROT reading is certainly no replacement for years of Jungian Therapy (Depth Psychology). If the mind is a cave, and the Shadow lurks in the depths of it, this Tarot reading can shine a light into the dark depths of your subconscious mind. 


In this modern world, we need money to function normally in this society. Having a job, co-workers and limited freedom can be very stressful.

Being unemployed and looking for employment is especially stressful. To make things more complicated, the workforce as we know it is on the precipice of great change. Automation, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and outsourced labor markets are a very real thing and potential threat if we are not prepared.

This TAROT reading can help you get more clarity and focus on the work front. If you are looking for a job, this reading may help you define what it is that you really want to do with the rest of your work life.


For most of us in this life, things go well. This usually happens when we are in perfect balance with ourselves and our environment. Maintaining that perfect balance between all the different (and sometimes conflicting) aspects of ourselves is the hard part. 

A TAROT general checkup can be very useful to see where any potential slippage may occur. Once you have this general checkup, you may want to choose from any of the other readings in the shop to expand on this.

Before We Begin


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