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Pages in the Court Cards


Page of Wands

Page of Cups Page of Swords

Page of Coins

Pages can be messengers and relay important things. Pages are inexperienced and naive. Pages look with adoration and awe at the object of their suit. The Page of Swords holds his sword in with two hands suggesting he does not have the skill level of the Knights.
The Page is a personal attendant of the royal family, often an errand boy (or girl). It’s his or her job to serve in order to advance. The Page represents preparing yourself to succeed at something. It involves being willing to assume a subordinate role as younger people often do and to learn about commitment. The Page is about challenging yourself, developing your inner resources, and taking something to a greater stage of accomplishment. You may experience some hesitancy, or feel that you are not fully prepared for the task, but you still hope the situation will turn out as you anticipate.
The Page cards can represent either sex, but they usually refer to a young person or a child who is involved in the experiences related to the suit to which the Page belongs. Pages can indicate messengers, students/apprentices, youths, or immature adults.”
A Page is a playful child or the child or adolescent within us. He is the innocence of youth and acts out the qualities of the suit with pleasure and abandon. The Page is easygoing and impulsive. He symbolizes adventure, possibility, communication, messages, development and a time for new beginnings.
Page (youth or child of either sex): 
Page of Wands: Indication of a message from a near relative or close friend.
Page of Cups: Young person who can offer help or cooperation; a gentle person.
Page of Swords: A young person’s activities could be causing you some concern.
Page of Pentacles: A young person who enjoys studying and is a persevering scholar.

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