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Queens in the Court Cards


Queen of Wands

Queen of Cups Queen of Swords

Queen of Pentacles

The Queens are the feminine side of the suits. Queens are thoughtful, caring and have the emotional and compassionate aspect of the Court cards. On the negative side, the Queens are prone to vengefulness and coldness when orders are not followed.
The Queen is a mature woman who is also a ruler in her own right; she’s not just the King’s consort. As such, she represents a woman who embodies and expresses the feminine qualities of leadership, most importantly the qualities of creativity and cooperation. She has developed skills and wisdom that come only through years of experience. With the Queen, you achieve a level of maturity and self-confidence. You know when to compromise and when to take a firm stand. You are not intimidated by any situation. Yet you remain able to grow and evolve, and you can be flexible through understanding.
The Queen may portray a mature, capable woman, an authority figure who is nurturing and understanding, or a mother image, sometimes the querent’s real mother. In certain instances, a Queen card can refer to a man who has the qualities of the Queen—in other words, a man who is deeply attuned to his own feminine nature, such as an artist or a musician.
A Queen is mature and feminine. She personifies the quality of the suit, the female energy or influence. Queens are associated with feelings, relationships and self-expression. She is receptive, nurturing, caring and loving, and also has good people skills, therefore, has an awareness and understanding of the people around her.
Queen (woman in her maturity): 
Queen of Wands: Woman who has attractive personality and draws people to her.
Queen of Cups: Sensitive lady, relies on her intuitive ability rather than common sense.
Queen of Swords: Lady with sharp wit who appears to have money. Could be a widow, or divorced. Probably doesn’t have children.
Queen of Pentacles: A creative lady with many talents, family oriented and charitable.

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