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Cheat Sheet (RWS)

Downloadable and printable meanings of all the Tarot cards.
Tarot Cheat Sheet


Tarot Deck (RWS)

This is a complete Tarot deck of 78 cards that you can download and print. This is a black and white version of the original RWS deck currently in public domain.
Tarot Deck (RWS) Black and White


Coloring Book (RWS)

Download and color your own RWS tarot deck. Each enlarged card is on a separate page with revenant keywords to help you develop a personal relationship with them.
Tarot Coloring Book – Major Arcana
Tarot Coloring Book – Wands
Tarot Coloring Book – Cups
Tarot Coloring Book – Swords
Tarot Coloring Book – Pentacles

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