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Introduction to the Court Cards

In most traditional Tarot decks the court cards consist of a Page, Knight, Queen, and King. More recent decks include Princesses in the place of Pages, and Princes instead of Knights.┬áSometimes Knights are in the place of Kings. Traditionally, the Queens and Kings or (their equivalents) are often used to represent mature adult men and […]

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Court Cards as Elements

While these elemental/suit associations also apply to the court cards of these suits, court cards have an added elemental dimension, since each rank is also associated with an element, as follows: Just like the four suits of the Minor Arcana, the Court cards themselves are also assigned elements: Kings – Fire element Queens – Water […]

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The Court Cards and Classical Gods

Court Cards as Classical Gods The elemental associations are based on the elements and qualities commonly associated with the gods. King Queen Knight Page Wands Prometheus Lord of Fire Hestia Lady of Fire Apollo (Youth of Fire) Ares Child of Fire Cups Poseidon Lord of Water Aphrodite Lady of Water Artemis Maiden of Water Eros […]

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