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The Four Suits as Aspects of Social Class

The Four Suits as Aspects of Social Class


Element Social Class Social Function

Traditional Objects

Wands Fire Rulership Governance Scepter
Cups Water Clergy Spiritual guidance Chalice
Swords Air Military Class Protection, Law and order Sword
Coins Earth Merchant Class Commerce and trade Coins

Wands – Nobility
The nobility, represented by the  suit of Wands. Staves or Fasces were used as a symbol for rulership from the Roman times.
Cups – Clergy
The clergy, represented by the suite of Cups, symbolic of the cups and chalices used for church ceremonies.
Swords – Military
The medieval military class are repressed by the suit of Swords, as obviously the swords were a commonly used weapon at that time.
Pentacles (Coins) – Merchant Class
The merchant class, and the working class, are represented by the suit of Pentacles, which looks like a coin. In the Tarot de Marseille decks this are  called Deniers.

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